Saturday, May 7, 2011

Avocent Cyclades PM IPDU Password Reset

Connect blue Cisco cable w/ null modem adapter to serial port.
Run terminal program (Tera Term)

To erase admin password use loopback plug/dongle part #CON0132.
The RJ45 pin layout for the loopback plug is:

Plug loopback plug into OUT port of the Cyclades IPDU, then serial console to IN port. In a a few seconds the loopback plug will be recognized and reset the admin user password to the factory defaults which is “pm8″.

What adapter/cable should I use when connecting a Cyclades PM to the DSR SPC port?
You need to use the 210105 adapter. It comes with the PM. The pinout is:

RJ-45                 RJ-45
DSR                       PM
--------              --------
 1   CTS ------------ RTS    1
 2   DTR ------------ DCD    7
 3   GND ------------ N/C    5
 4   TXD ------------ RXD    6
 5   RXD ------------ TXD    3
 6   GND ------------ GND    4
 7   DSR ------------ DTR    2
 8   RTS ------------ DSR    8

APC AP9631 or AP9630 Network Management Card Firmware Upgrade

  1. Unplug battery and disconnect battery connector.
  2. Install card.
  3. Set static IP first.
  4. Download firmware from APC web site. Make sure you have correct firmware.  Symmetra vs Smart-UPS.

If upgrade fails mid-stream then:

  1. Connect to card via serial cable and terminal program (Tera Term).
  2. Default logon -  User: apc  Pass: apc
  3. Use '?' command for list of commands.
  4. User 'tcpip' command to set static IP.
  5. Reboot device.
  6. Exit from serial logon.
  7. Conect to card via network port and Windows firmware upgrade application.
  8. Upgrade firmware.