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How to test network performance with pfSense and Windows

How to test network performance with pfSense and Windows.

Install iPerf package in pfSense.Disable windows firewall.  This is necessary if you want to test both send and recieve speeds using the -r switch.Launch shell in Command Prompt in pfSense.Determine the version of iPerf the is installed.  Type: iperf -vDownload and extract respective iPerf version in root folder (c:\iperf) of Windows machine you will be testing with pfSense. Download link:  Most likely this will be iPerf 2.0.9 version.Launch Windows command prompt as administrator and navigate to iPerf folder (c:\iperf).In pfSense, start iPerf server.On windows machine (iPerf client) in command prompt, navigate to iPerf folder type: iperf.exe -c pfSenseIP -P 10 -t 15 -rIf the IP address of pfSense is then enter: iperf.exe -c -P 10 -t 15 -riPerf will run 10 simultaneous processes for 15 seconds and display results.When finished testing, on pfSense stop iPerf switch sett…

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