Using Axis Camera Motion Detection App With Blue Iris

Axis Camera Integration With Blue Iris

How to use the Axis in camera application to sense motion and trigger Blue Iris to record.  This will off load the motion detection from your CPU to each camera and allow you to run a larger number of cameras with motion detection then you would have been able to:

1)  In Blue Iris under Settings-Web Server-Advanced, un-check Use secure session keys and login page.
2)  Create a new User in Blue Iris.  This will be the account the Axis camera connects with.  You will enter this information under Events on the camera.
3)  Make sure the Axis Video Motion Detection application is installed on the camera.  This will be found under Settings-Apps.
4)  Start the app and configure to your liking.
5)  Create an event on the Axis camera.  Events are found under Settings-System-Events.
Name: What ever you want.
Type: HTTP
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
Proxy: Off
6) Done!

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