LSI HBA Firmware & BIOS Upgrade

How to upgrade LSI HBA firmware and BIOS

  1. Download from LSI website.
  2. Copy files on to bootable USB drive.
  3. From DOS prompt run: sas2flsh.exe -o -e 6
  4. This will erase existing firmware on card and must be done prior to IR to IT conversion.
  5. Run: sas2flash.exe -o -f FIRMWAREFILENAME -b BIOSFILENAME
  6. This will flash card with firmware and bios.  Must include bios do not just do firmware.
  7. Run: sas2flsh.exe -list
  8. This will list information about card.
  9. Done

Note:  For use in FreeNAS or similar NAS software, the LSI card must be in IT mode.  Also consider changing Boot Support, under adapter properties, to Disabled.  This will prevent the drives to be used as bootable devices.

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