Alternating Sort Using Excel

Q: How to sort a list of names alternating gender in ascending height order?
  1. Assuming the following are in different columns: First Name, Last Name, Gender, Height in Inches.
  2. Four level sort: 1) Gender, 2) Height, 3) Last Name, 4) First Name
  3. Create a helper column and do a series fill for the male names and a series fill for the female names. Both starting with the same number.  Start number should be high enough so that list of names does not increase place value.  Example: 300 male names series fill starting at 101, 5000 male names series fill starting at 1001.
  4. Create a second helper column that concatenates the first helper column (the series fill column) with the gender column.  Result should look like this: 101F
  5. Sort by second helper column (concatenated cells).
  6. Results should be in alternating gender order sorted by height.

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