Avocent Cyclades PM IPDU Password Reset

Connect blue Cisco cable w/ null modem adapter to serial port.
Run terminal program (Tera Term)

To erase admin password use loopback plug/dongle part #CON0132.
The RJ45 pin layout for the loopback plug is:

Plug loopback plug into OUT port of the Cyclades IPDU, then serial console to IN port. In a a few seconds the loopback plug will be recognized and reset the admin user password to the factory defaults which is “pm8″.

What adapter/cable should I use when connecting a Cyclades PM to the DSR SPC port?
You need to use the 210105 adapter. It comes with the PM. The pinout is:

RJ-45                 RJ-45
DSR                       PM
--------              --------
 1   CTS ------------ RTS    1
 2   DTR ------------ DCD    7
 3   GND ------------ N/C    5
 4   TXD ------------ RXD    6
 5   RXD ------------ TXD    3
 6   GND ------------ GND    4
 7   DSR ------------ DTR    2
 8   RTS ------------ DSR    8

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