Prints From Digital Images

Q. I would like to automate the image resizing using Lightroom instead of PS. However, the jpeg quality option is not 1 to 12 but rather 1 to 100%. Should I set it at 83% quality (based on 10 of 12)?
A. With Lightroom 84% is an equivalent to a level 10 jpeg.

Q. What type of file do you require?
A. We require level 10 JPEG files to be sent to us.

Q. Is it okay to embed an ICC profile?
A. Embedding a valid ICC profile in your image is very important. Without embedding the profile our software has no idea what colorspace your file is in. This will result in uexpected color in the prints. All files not tagged with an embedded profile are assumed to be in sRGB.

Q. What colorspace do you accept?
A. We accept any colorspace as long as it is embedded in the file. Our software will read the colorspace embedded in the file and print appropriately for that colorspace. We recommend the use of a standard working space profile such as Adobe RGB 1998 or sRGB.

Q.How many pixels/inch should my image have?
A. 200 - 300 ppi.

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