HP Agilent Serial Numbers - Date of Manufacture

HP Agilent Serial Numbers

For serial numbers in the format iijjAnnnn adding 60 to ii is the year made, jj is the week, the letter is the country where made.

for example 1848J02842

• 18 -> Made in 1978
• 48 -> Week # of last production change 48
• J -> Made in Japan, or A = America, G = West Germany, U= United Kingdom
• 02842 actual serial number of instrument

The series prefix doesn't represent the date of manufacture. Instead, it represents the date of the last production change that affects form, fit, or function, or for other modifications such as firmware version changes. We use the series prefix to tie production changes (changes in production documentation) to changes in customer documentation.

8920B – US35320800 or Newer

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